"I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care."
- Lou Holtz

“Jeff Burdeen is one of the most savvy and dynamic business leaders I have had the pleasure of working with. Jeff is a leader of people and cares deeply about the success of the business and the people he manages. I highly recommend Jeff for any executive level position that requires extensive business knowledge both at a strategic and executional level. ”

Eric Skubish
Brand Leader Walt Disney World

“Jeff is a talented leader and a fantastic partner. I worked closely with Jeff on numerous projects and his dedication to the success of the task and his team was obvious and commendable. He was a go-to person for leadership and subordinates alike. He took every project or request for assistance seriously, and jumped in without hesitation to assist wherever necessary, often taking on work outside his department, to guarantee that the project was delivered on time and with great results. I would love to work with Jeff in the future.”

Rachelle Aikens
Vice President - Sales

“Jeff was an immense pleasure to work with. He is incredibly experienced in his field, with a vast knowledge in ecommerce, marketing, advertising, and design. As the creative director at Balfour, I benefitted greatly by working with Jeff. He was immediately welcoming, encouraging, and wealth of information. Jeff is a presence. His energy is calm and self-assured, but incredibly warm and full of humor. I highly recommend Jeff and am available as a reference for him anytime. Any company would be lucky to have him as part of the team.”

Laz Llanes
Creative Director

“Jeff is truly an exceptional business partner. His profound depth of knowledge and unwavering professionalism make him stand out in every aspect. No challenge was too formidable for Jeff; he consistently provided insightful and effective solutions. Working with him is a genuine pleasure, and his expertise significantly contributes to the success of any collaboration.”

Patrick Gross
Senior VP Product Development